Saturday, April 5, 2014

Job Satisfaction

A few days ago I had a discussion with Twitter buddies regarding Job Satisfaction. Several interesting thoughts came up from everyone, and I do not want to lose those. Here they are:


  1. Super! I like the 'act' one! :) Reminds me of my post:
    Do check it out & put in Ur thoughts!!

  2. Job satisfaction maybe mostly depends upon how much salary/incentives/bonus etc. is increased each year, salary on time and is there Saturday, Sunday OFF or not. If these three are existing mostly job satisfaction. Am I correct or incorrect?

    1. You're right, these factors also contribute to job satisfaction. For different people, different factors, I suppose. Thanks for the comment, Tushar.

  3. Its different for different people. For me those who made their passion their source of income may be satisfied. Others, can still pursue their hobbies when they are actually in software doing something they dont like. Earning is one thing, following one's passion is another.