Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Good Memory from a Bad Time

Strange how some conversations stick to our minds years after they happened. 
It must have been this week, could be even today, but years ago. 
The words that were spoken, those that were not, as though from yesterday. The bright lights outside, the dimmer ones inside.
The table, largely empty. Which became the object of focus when speech became difficult.
The colours, or the absence of. The room temperature, even. The heat outside, the cool within. The calm outside, the rage within.
The awkwardness of saying Thank you.
The dismissal, a wave of a hand, a shrug of the shoulders.
Underneath it, the deeper meaning, unspoken, unacknowledged; but felt.
Strange, how they keep coming back every too often, unbidden, unannounced, like a-... I don't know, like a good memory from a difficult time.


  1. I can remember things when they happened, mostly hurtful ones, the time of the day it was said, where and what I was wearing when they said it ! I do remember happy things too, but it those hurtful ones that stay longer.

    1. True, usually the bad memories stand out. This one was exceptional, it was the only voice of support at that time.

  2. Bad memories most difficult to forget !