Monday, November 4, 2013

If it's unfair...

If it's unfair,
Could you soften it
Before you deliver?

If it's unkind,
Could you polish it
Before you utter?

If it's in anger,
Could you let your scowl
Do all the talking?

If it's pleasing,
Could you let your smile
Show you're happy?

If it's in love,
Could you let your eyes
Tell the story?

Only if it's kind
Let the words flow,
Slow and gentle, meaningful

Also if it's soothing 
Or to offer comfort
Let them flood 

Like a river into sea
Like a storm,
Incessant and free...


  1. Beautiful words - thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Like a river into the sea... we all flow... down.. to death... meeting unfairness all the way...

  3. I can fell those lines! And for me, it's always pleasure to read some Blogger from Kerala :)

  4. Awesome Jeena loved your poem as well as your intro :)

  5. And if it is silence
    End it with a prayer
    From your heart to share.