Sunday, May 2, 2010

Precious Moments

- My 4-year old and I sit in the balcony in the early morning, watching the clouds make patterns in the sky, the little birds hopping around flowers, squirrels wandering over the walls...

- My 4-year old fell from the bed one night, and I pulled him back, only to hear a low chuckle and a sweet little voice saying with an impish twinkle in his eyes, "Taale veenu!" (I fell down)...

- Watching my parents narrate stories from my childhood to my son, their eyes full of love, the way mine fills with when I speak about my son...


  1. And Thanks for spreading smile. Keep writing.

  2. Yes, these are real precious moments. Capture them in a camera (camcorder or still) and see those pictures after many years.....


  3. Hobo: Thanks a lot. :)
    Renjith: There are occasions which happen faster than you can say 'camera', so they have to remain in memory and in blogs! ;)

  4. The smallest moments are often the most precious. This is lovely.