Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is that what it was...

It was Special.
It was Exciting.
It was Painful.
It was Pleasing.

It was Longing.
It was Yearning.
It was Fighting.
It was Making-Up.

It was Anger.
It was Affection.
It was Tears.
It was Smiles.

It was Sacrifice.
It was Surrender.
It was Caring.
It was Beautiful.

It was everything but Indifference.
It was all Emotions in one.

It was...


  1. Good one.. reminded me of something very special in my life... :).. read it around 5 times in fact.. and each time the smile on my face got wider! :) Nice post Jeena.. :) Keep writing!!

  2. It was... Love :) made me read it again n again...

  3. It was blind as well.. wasn't it? ;)

  4. Hobo: Indeed. :)

    Anjana: Thanks, and I suspect I know what it reminded you of... ;-)

    Soli: That smile speaks volumes! :D

    Sekher: Hmm...? :)

    AN: Was it? :)