Friday, September 18, 2009

Thoughts for the weekend

1. My Father's advices and my Mother's home remedies seemed so incredulous and insignificant in my childhood, now I find I rely on them more than ever.

2. Little kids are very smart, because they pick up everything learnt by their parents and grandparents by the time they are five.

3. I am glad of all the afflictions I suffered from in my childhood, for it helps me to understand what my son goes through in his days of illness.

4. When the traffic signal is green, the vehicles coming from miles away pick up speed trying to hop the light before it turns red.

5. The thought that you have nothing to lose gives you the motivation to do your best.


  1. I like #5 ... I betcha NetChick does too!

  2. They are all so true, especially #1

    BNetChick sent me.

  3. i found you thru netchicks meet & greet.

    yes 1) really hits home the older i get the more i grasp for my cultural heritage . the rest are fantastic

  4. I was wondering what kind of home remedies....share if it is not too personal? :-)

    Netchick sent me (I think I might have missed you at some issues).