Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Book has arrived

My book on display at Gangaram's, Bangalore

At last I am getting somewhere. And I feel great.

My book, Tales from the Garden City, is up for sale at Gangaram's, M.G. Road, Bangalore. And a consignment is on its way toward Landmark, Forum Mall. Yes, you heard right. The same Landmark, Forum, that has provided me all the books that I have read (and reviewed) in the last one million years.

Is there anything more that I can wish for? Hmmm... yes. That my book would sell. That people would read it. That they would like it. And so on. Nothing more.
Bas itna sa khwab hai

Bangaloreans, feel free to check it out from Gangaram's or Landmark. Non-Bangaloreans are welcome to check it out here.

Update: The pictures above were taken from Gangaram's Book Bureau, MG Road yesterday and added after this post was published.

Update 2: I am told that the books will also be available in Crossword and Shankar's, but only in a month's time.


  1. Congratulations Jeans!!
    How does it feel to be on cloud nine?
    Anyways, don't be complacent and do write more...

  2. It definitely feels wonderful, Bob! Thanks!

  3. You are surrounded by DAN BROWN and the likes. NOT BAD AT ALL, ya. Keep up the good work!! :-)

  4. Kidukki makalae...scale the heights dear, sky is never the limit :)

  5. Agree with BudsMj -- that they agreed to take it is nice. That they put it where they did is wonderful!

  6. Thanks a lot, Mj, Chettayi and Mike.
    Yes, it is - intimidating? - to be placed between Great People. But then, maybe something from them will rub off on me...

  7. congrats, jean.
    i have th efirst link you sent me, thanks
    but this hyperlink in the post did not work for me, so you may wish to double check it
    God bless you

  8. never mind, second try went right through

  9. will try to buy it when I go book-shopping next time! :D