Friday, August 7, 2009

Thought for the weekend

If infants know they should fall on their tummy three months after birth, and to crawl in their sixth month and to walk in their twelfth month without anyone telling them, why don't they also learn beforehand (who teaches them, anyway?) that glass would break if they drop it, they would hurt themselves if they fall, and all the remaining basic lessons of human existence, without their having to experience each to understand, or poor harassed mothers screaming at them at every juncture?


  1. The learn by their mistakes. They are very resilent too. I just take the glass away and replace it with something less breakable. It can be hairraising for a while, but they get more capable pretty fast. Tanya sent me today.

  2. Colleen is right. They learn by mistakes and trial and error, as well all do.

    NetChick sent me this way.

  3. If everything was known with spatial ability, the why would they need parents??