Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tech savy!

You know you are tech-savy when you
- reach for your access card as you approach a door
- long for Ctrl+F when searching for an article in the newspaper or a name in a book
- look at the bottom right of the television set to know the time
- think of a long lost, half-forgotten old Lata Mangeshkar song and decide to google on it
- use terms like googling, copy-paste, upload/download, networking, offline, chat, Net, browse,... in everyday life
- leave the hands-free dangling from your ears at all times, except when taking a bath
- feel as if a limb is cut off, when your mobile phone is not around
- every now and then, peer at the mobile to see if any SMS is received
- absolutely cannot remember an event unless you set a reminder or alarm in your mobile
- wonder how you remembered phone numbers by heart ten years ago, now you need to extract them from your mobile phone
- feel that nothing worse could happen in life, if the data from your mobile is lost before a backup is taken

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