Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks

How come I never heard of this movie before?

I heard about it and saw it at the same time - yesterday. AWESOME. Oh, yes it is for kids and all that - and the reason I sat around to watch it was because my son wanted a company (not that I am complaining! I enjoy animation movies as much or more than him, as I have mentioned in detail before). As always, when I watched this one, I was filled with admiration for the wonderful people who made the movie attain perfection - I couldn't spot any flaw anywhere. I even wondered for a fleeting moment, can these chipmunks be real... oh no, oh no, they aren't. But how beautifully real they seem. And how well they sing and dance!

Alvin, Simon and Theodore, I love you all !

Digression. My son says he wants to watch the movie of the "Mongoose" instead of the Chipmunks. :) I raise an eyebrow and he says, "Chipmunks".


  1. I haven't actually SEEN this movie, but I've heard it a number of times. We bought the DVD before taking a long vacation drive last December. We pipe the DVD soundtrack through the car's speakers, so while the kids watch in back, my wife and I listen along in front.

    Someday soon, I hope to add visuals to the experience, as it sounds like a very entertaining film for the whole family.

  2. Yes, it is very entertaining.
    Though, I must admit that at the rate I get to watch it with my son (twice or thrice daily he asks for the movie of the 'Mongoose er.. Chipmunks') I will get tired of it soon