Monday, August 18, 2014


The cage is open; but the bird does not flee:
She's bound by reasons that seem strange to me.

Torn is her heart as she peers at the sky;
Mountains and meadows invite her to fly.

No one nor nothing compells her to stay;
Why does she dither, why not fly away?

The trees and the rains, the wind of her dreams;
The temptation fails to entice her, it seems.

If she spreads her wings, she'll never be free:
The burden along will she have to carry.

A lump in her throat, in her thoughts as she wades,
Her choice is made; in her eyes the light fades.

What her heart yearns for, she cannot choose;
What she's been granted, she cannot lose.

She takes a step back, she closes the door;
She won't look again; be tempted no more.

Her faith in herself - therein her strength lies;
She's content; though some call it... sacrifice.


  1. Helplessness is part of culture, sometimes. Forced to stay in the cage!

  2. Did you peep into my heart by any chance? :O It's like you read my thoughts in and out and wrote these beautiful yet eye moistening lines.

    1. Like Anita said, it is everyone's story... Thanks Rajni.

  3. It is everybody's story. But not everybody can put it into a poem like you did.

  4. A touching story woven into poetry. Loved it :)