Thursday, May 15, 2014


In the balance of daily life
failure outweighs success-
the one weighs tonnes,
the other's feather light...

In the balance of happiness
setbacks outdo triumphs-
the one stings more,
the other brings less cheer...

In the balance of perceptions
pessimism outsmarts hope-
the one sounds true,
the other seems vague...

In the balance of truth, however,
efforts reign over idleness,
determination over giving up,
belief over unreal fears.

And at the end of life
achievements win over wicked aims,
A life well-lived wins hands down
Over a life wasted in malice...


  1. balance is in one's own hands, not necessarily tilted towards the negative-Appreciate the positive ending

  2. The last four lines. Just awesome. I just wish more people understood it.