Saturday, February 15, 2014

Of Being Wrong, Now and Forever

To dive straight to the point, none of us like the feeling that we are (or have been) wrong.

And what of the feeling that we have been wrong for a couple of decades, that every decision, every thought was based on a certain assumption that was not true? That whenever we wondered why things went wrong, it was because our foundation was based on half-truths, we were well and truly mistaken, we were unimaginably misinformed and had misread the clues all along?

No, I don't want an answer.

If this were straight from Bollywood, we could have easily (and profusely) apologised wherever apology was to be rendered, and we would have acknowledged the fact that our assumptions were wrong, shed a tear or two for the road, and then life would have resumed, with everything else intact - except that we are not arrogant any more, we are not blind any more, we are not wrong any more.

But Life's not like that.


  1. Maybe each of us is having ones own imaginary the best/one of the best world and that is why we dive straight to the point and do not like the feeling that we are (or have been) wrong.

  2. Also, one man's food is another's poison. So what is half true for us is wrong for another and true for someone else. We never know.

    1. True. And to think that once upon a time we believed life was very simple.

  3. Sigh. Such is life. Nothing means the same to two different people. That's the sad part, and that's the base of life.

    Sigh again.