Friday, December 20, 2013

Once Again!

Once again, I give up
Like I've done, only
A hundred times

Once again I forget
Or tell myself I do
Until the next wave

Washes over my efforts
(Cleans them spotless)
As if they never were.

Once again, I give up
Hoping this time, my
Resolve would be strong.

Once again, I know,
It's only a matter of time
Before I'm pulled in again.


  1. Once again i say it's simply good

  2. Simple words make an honest poem,

  3. Hi Jeena,beautiful! you have expressed inner battle and resolution to stand again firmly,which i find appreciable.

  4. When you hit the bottom, there is only one way and that is up
    You might languish at the bottom for a while but then you have to rise... tried giving up many times and failed