Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pillar of Strength

I know not how you get through, friend,
The days of pain that have no end...
The one that's gone is gone forever
Leaving the one for you to care.

You're the pillar of strength to one
Yours the shoulder to cry on;
Yours, the battle to be fought alone,
Yours, the loss to be borne.

And from a distance I watch,
As do all the rest of us;
If you fall, we're there to catch,
We're here to steady your faltering steps...

You've been brave, you've been strong;
You've kept your smile all along;
It's okay to rest, have no fear;
Relax, dear friend, we're here.


  1. ''If you fall, we're there to catch,''.Friends always our shadow .A unique poem that says all about the true friendship that is a rare thing though .A poet always thinks of a better world .thank you for sharing .jk