Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The life of a child is tough, because...

... if you're the youngest among your buddies, the bigger ones bully you

... if you have a toy/cycle/scooter that no one else has, everyone will want a turn, and you almost never get to play with it

... if you're the only girl in a boys' world, they make sure you feel isolated and ignored

... if you're a girl and the youngest of the lot, they make fun of you saying "you're a baby" and "you're a girl" till you cry

... if you're the bully of the group, the others don't like you

... if, by some unlucky chance, you manage to get into a debate with one of the 'big' boys, you lose without a fight, naturally, because for one thing, your frightened arguments are feeble and unimpressive, for another, Mothers sympathetically disbelieve everything you say and side with the angelic-faced ten-year-olds

... if you're the leader who decides who plays with who, you invite the wrath of Mothers whose children you don't play with

... if you're one among a group of three, the two others always side against you and make you feel left out

... when you want to play, Mother calls you to sleep

... when you want to sleep, Mother says it's time for school

... when you want to do colouring, Mother says it's time for homework

... when you want snacks, Mother says it's time for dinner



  1. Hey,
    Father too plays a crucial role in making life tough for the child. Add that too, if you don't mind. Ask me if you require more data !!!!!

  2. Good thought. read this story the theme resembles interestingly. Thanks

  3. Anonymous: I am sure there are more things/people who make a child's life difficult. You're welcome to add your thoughts here.

    Sudam: Nice story. :) Thanks for posting the link.