Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Krishna Janmashtami

I tell my son he doesn't have to go to school today. Today is Lord Krishna's birthday, Janmashtami.
He asks me, "How old is Krishna?"
"I don't know," I say. Wrong answer. So I add, "Probably a few years older than you are."
It is time to change the topic and/or escape from the area before he remembers that the Krishna who went to war with the Pandavas was quite old, probably as old as his parents. 


  1. Children ask the darnest questions, don't they? Mine wanted to know what cake krishna likes!

  2. Don't know what cake he liked. But he is said to have fed "cowdung cakes" to a few :)

  3. Their questions seem to get tougher the older they get. I hope I stay smart enough to always answer them as best I can.

    Thank you for another delightful glimpse into your world, Jean.

  4. He asks me, "How old is Krishna?"
    HA HA HA That is a question.
    I love that. Too good.

  5. Haha, now i am gonna read all the posts with tag, "my son". Love 'em.

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