Saturday, July 10, 2010

The art of apologising

Long, long ago, nobody knows how long ago, I bought a lovely Archies greeting card with beautiful words on it.

I loved the card so much that I hoped I would find someone to give it to. But for that, I would have to do/say something terrible to him/her first! Such a complicated situation never arose, I suppose, (thank God) or by the time it did, I had forgotten all about the card. It must still be buried deep among my secrets.

It said:

For all I said that I shouldn't have
For all I didn't say that I should have
I'm sorry.


  1. nice wordings!! :) so nice of u to remember those wordings n blogged it...

  2. Straight from the heart - those words.
    There are many thoughts exist within but expressing is another Art and few are good at it.
    Thanks for sharing.