Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Equations, Good and Bad

Have you ever felt...

... what you yearned for is suddenly placed on a platter, at your doorstep?
... that, you had not realised how much you had longed for it, till it was finally within your reach?
... that, you earned it, maybe you suffered enough for it, so it seems well-deserved?
... that, you thoroughly enjoy it and love it, though it has come with a price?
... that, though you pretend otherwise, others' envy does make you pleased?
... you grab it, hold it, savour it, but the time given to you is not enough, never enough, before it is taken away from you!
... when the final bell rings, and your time is up, you try to convince others and yourself that, 'after all I was paying a price, good that it is now over', and it was 'good while it lasted', not really believing it yourself?

My entire World is poised for the final equation. The climax where E=mc2 makes its much-awaited appearance.

The parameters involved are numerous, and they play see-saw around me without coming to rest.

The Equation of the Year. Perhaps the first of its kind.

I wait with bated breath.

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