Monday, December 28, 2009

An addiction called Twitter

You know you are twitter-savvy if you...

1. Think of posting to twitter whenever something interesting happens around you...
2. Try to compact wise thoughts and jokes into 140 chars...
3. Are elated, if someone RTs your tweet...
4. Experience heart failure, if it goes for a second RT
5. Always need the twitter application handy...
6. Are afraid to delete mails from your sent folder lest they be deleted from the recipient's inbox too - like DMs
7. Add hash tags in your SMS, chats, or mails (thought courtesy @rkartha)
8. Worry about how many interesting conversations you missed when you stay away from Twitter for a few hours...
9. Experience withdrawal symptoms at the very thought of a week's disconnect from Twitter...
10. Hook yourself to Twitter for Breaking News!

Any more? Please contribute your thoughts... :)


  1. Dream on tweeting/replying to tweets, think of getting a cell phone with GPRS/EDGE enabled to tweet on the move. Start telling people, I need to tweet about this..from an addict :).

  2. I have the same thought on twitter as Jon Stewar a stand-up comdeian : "I have no f***ing idea. I have no idea how it works – or why it is."

    Bt yeah Twitter taught me to laugh the 'lol' and 'ROFL' and ..'LMAO' way! :)


  3. few more frm personal exps. :)

    :: Instead of reading newspapers, check tweets once u get up in morning.

    :: replace sms with DM as almost all ur frnz are cnnctd on twitter

    :: wen u meet smeone for first time, addressing them by their twitter handle coz u dont knw their real name. (experienced this in few conferences)

    :: share twitter Id instead of phone number

  4. I do attend to my twitter account but I am not addicted.

  5. One of the news sites I visit has added tweets to their comment forms and it's a little strange to see how many are simply pass-alongs of the same comment. No, wait -- it's very strange

  6. Thanks for all the comments!

    AN: I really forgot to add that one - seeing Tweet dreams :D In my dream, a lot of Twitter DPs appeared :))

    Startonomics: Good ones! And so true! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The best about 140 is:
    Less saying but meaningful saying - An attempt.

  8. I live in the sticks - no cell reception at home - and don't tweet. Don't even understand half of what you said here, as the terms are unfamiliar. Maybe I'm glad this isn't available to me - when would I have time to weave?

  9. fun post. @WilliamsKim on Twitter - can you be on Twitter and NOT be addicted?

  10. or continue like an idiot to comment/discuss important national policy matters on twitter even after being chided by the political establishment :0)

  11. Hobo: Perfectly right!

    Peg: Yes, sometimes I do find it tough to detach myself from it - and my work suffers :) Better not get hooked!

    Kim: Not possible! :) But BK Chowla (comment above) seems to be doing it!

    Nikhil: He does it every now and then, doesn't he?? Guess he is taking longer to get into the groove of Politics :)