Thursday, June 25, 2009

Search and Followers widgets

I have added a new Search box to my blog. You can see it at the top right. I do not know how useful it is, for me or for the readers of my blog but it sure feels nice to have a search box of my own!

I also have a "Followers" widget, in which as you can see, my lone follower is my ever faithful friend, anupsar. I've been thinking of removing the widget from view, since it does not seem to be doing much rather than occupying space. Before knocking it off completely from my site, I thought of giving it a chance, and brought it up to the limelight - just in case there are any last minute prospective followers interested in following my humble blog. If none make their appearance, the widget can be safely removed from the page.


  1. I read you. I just don't follow you. Which, when I phrase it that way, would sound kind of creepy anyway.

  2. I thought reading was following... But I get what you mean :)