Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Definition of a likeable person

One who...

- Has a ready smile
- Has a pleasant face
- Is courteous to all
- Is ready to acknowledge (Smile and say "Hi") any known person of any level in any circumstance
- enjoys a good joke, and shows pleasure
- replies to all mails received
- knows to show displeasure or anger without offending another
- shows openness to all comments and discussions
- does not speak ill of others
- shares his knowledge with pleasure
- is understanding, and listens to others
- has the ability to make others respect him without demanding respect

One who doesn't

- ignore others consciously
- order juniors to drop everything and come running to them when summoned
- try to please everyone and speak ill behind their back
- always point out the failures and never applaud any positives of others

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